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Ernie Humphrey
Ernie Humphrey, CEO & Founder

“My presentations are full of energy, passion, and humor, and empower people to take control of their own career.”

Words cannot be woven together in order to describe Ernie Humphrey who is a one-man army. Cradling a diverse amount of knowledge, the mindful guru has been utilizing his talents and experience by serving as the CEO of 360 Thought Leadership Consulting, and CEO of Treasury Webinars. Ernie also has extensive experience as a long-time finance professional and previously served as the Director, Treasury Services at the AFP, and has been the driving force behind the largest online community for senior-level finance professionals, Proformative. Ernie has spoken and moderated over 400 thought leadership webinars designed to impact the career success of finance, AP, AR, and treasury professionals. Ernie has authored and published articles on working capital management, AP automation, AR automation, treasury technology, performance management, budgeting & planning, acquisition integration, and bank relationship management in addition to serval articles focused on various aspects of professional development.

Today, Ernie is a Certified Treasury Professional and the most sought-after public speaker. Armed with a passion for learning Ernie started as an entry-level position in multiple disciplines including Marketing, Finance, Treasury, and Online Community Building and successfully rose to a management level in each area. All thanks to his thirst for knowledge and his willingness to follow the road in the front of him on the career path and enjoying the journey along the way.

“I have no ‘business switch’, I approach every situation as a human being first and foremost. That is evident in the recommendations from those who have worked for me and those from my business partners,” says Ernie. According to one of the recommendations posted publicly for Ernie captures his scintillating personality— “Very rarely do I meet people who maintain a high level of business professionals with a terrific degree of personality, humor and genuine kindness. My co-workers who knew him would always appreciate this as well.”

360 Thought Leadership is a one-man shop, and their value proposition is their CEO—Ernie—who has unparalleled success engaging professionals in the Office of the CFO. Ernie has over two decades of experience in treasury, corporate finance and in serving the professional development needs of Treasury and Corporate Finance Professionals. 360 Thought Leadership

Consulting delivers marketing services and thought leadership that drives top-line revenue growth.

Ernie considers himself as one of the founding fathers of thought leadership assisting professionals to ask the right questions, identify issues and opportunities, perform better at their jobs, positively impacts careers, and nurtures an individual into becoming a better boss or more valuable employees. “I speak at relevant industry events across the country to make sure I am in touch with practitioners to be sure that I am delivering impactful content, whether that be in written words, webinars or conference presentations,” adds Ernie. “I have a strong commitment to the career development of Treasury, AP, AR, Finance and FP&A professionals, see my book, The Art of Owning Your Career Success: Tales of a Treasury Leader, CMO, CFO, CEO & COO.”

Ernie makes it a point to share his experience and the lessons that he has learnt throughout his experience. “My presentations are full of energy, passion, and yes, even humor, teaching people to make connections that matter and take control of their careers. I am always open to help anyone, as much effort as anyone I meet is willing to put into our relationship, I will give at least as much and many times more, I do my best to help people before they need my help,” elucidates Ernie.