Fighting Against The Odds

Shelly Lotman Fisher
Shelly Lotman-Fisher, Founder

Girls Nite In Online

“After only five months of operation, we’ve hosted close to 300 unique classes and 60,000+ users!”

Shelly Lotman-Fisher’s out of the box thinking combined with an altruistic mission in everything she does has helped to launch multiple platforms offering support and inspiration. Girls Nite In Online began at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to provide an earning platform for women whose income was compromised and who wanted to reach an online audience. Most speakers did not previously have an online business model. By working with the Girls Nite In team, not only were presenters trained on Zoom and presentation, but many were led to new business models. “For example, we worked with a hairdresser who realized she could work virtually with her clients and still continue to earn income. The same held true for fitness instructors, chefs and consultants,” says Shelly.

When Girls Nite In Online began at the start of this pandemic, to support these women, workshop leaders provided their own Venmo or PayPal information and attendees were encouraged to leave virtual tips. Since the launch, Girls Nite In Online has caught the attention of women worldwide. “After only five months of operation, we’ve hosted close to 300 unique classes taught by women around the world and 60,000+ users! In response to high demand & a growing audience, we are proud to continue designing new and innovative ways to support these amazing women and amplify their talents!”

The Girls Nite In team facilitates the free workshop service with the sole intention of connecting women and building community. Classes are held by Zoom, and an attendee can come to the website and register for the workshop (s) they want to sign up for. Each week they offer new interactive fun and inspiring workshops. They will receive a Zoom link in their email which will be the link for the workshop. During the workshop, the guest is welcome to ask questions of the speakers through the chat feature in Zoom. “It is rare that we do not have time to answer all questions. We have been able to give women a feel of community, support and a safe place to learn,” says Shelly. “We utilize Zoom combined with first-rate customer service and communication.” All tools such as social media, newsletters, blog posts, YouTube, LinkedIn, IGLive, FBLive and more are used. “Communication through all channels is key right now. A time where one cannot connect in person, using every other point of connection can help build that bridge,” says Shelly. “Recognizing that people wanted a vehicle to connect, we built a community that was badly needed. We utilize and combine technologies in place to train and amplify the voices of all women who want to connect.”

According to Shelly, no matter what is happening in the world, there is always a way to make an impact. “When you are passionate about your direction that energy moves through your team. At a time when connection and communication is key, virtual interactions that are productive and targeted can add team building as well as create a positive team experience. That energy can be felt externally by clients and customers alike. Right now people are desperate for positive experiences and to tune out some of the negative noise. Make that a component in your efforts and everyone will benefit.” The Girls Nite In Team is now hard at work creating a speakers bureau to continue to support all of their speakers. “By representing them we hope to bring original online speakers content to corporations as well as events and parties. We will also hold our first virtual shopping experiences with Fred Segal,” adds Shelly. “Giving live creative virtual shopping experiences is another way to connect, entertain and support businesses. Even from home you never have to feel alone.”

Founded by Shelly Fisher, PIF has introduced initiatives that include the Herb it Forward Foundation, (; the women empowerment brands: She Knew She Could ( & One Tough B. (, founded after a cancer diagnosis; and, a platform that spreads happiness. The PIF (Pay it Forward) Group is built on a model of support and giving back. Whether through their online platforms, social media communities, or in-person events, PIF Group strives to create and drive positive change. As a writer, Shelly co-authored with Jen Jones, the award-winning book Breaking Sad: What to Say After Loss, What Not to Say, and When to Just Show Up.”