A Pioneering Woman Leader

Diana Greenberg
Diana Greenberg, President & CEO

Total Financial & Insurance Services

“We take every case as if it is the most important case in our que. We challenge the status quo, and in the end, we provide the best possible offer for our agents and their clients.”

For almost five decades, Total Financial & Insurance Services (TFS) has maintained its leadership position as one of the nation’s leading experts in case design and underwriting life insurance for wealthy individuals and corporations. TFS was created when a young couple— Marty & Lisa Greenberg—moved from New York to California, armed with the expertise of finances and investments. Marty was a household name in the N.Y. stock community. Knowing Marty’s ability to effectively communicate complex financial strategies, a friend advised him to try his hand at selling insurance. Marty once again witnessed immediate success and became one of the top-selling life insurance agents in New York. Following his strong mind for business growth, Marty left for California, where along with his better-half Lisa, started a Brokerage General Agency. Marty incorporated the family to help run the business smoothly. He tapped his father-in-law to run finances and accounting, Lisa ran the operations, while he concentrated on sales. Eventually, his children joined the business, with their son responsible for developing software and his daughter Diana Greenberg, joined the underwriting team. Over time, Diana has become the trusted President and CEO in charge of running the company for the future.

Diana’s goal is to take the company to new heights by transforming and adapting to new business and marketing trends while keeping a keen eye on flawlessly catering to Total’s agents. She has never deviated from her core mission, of developing and providing unusual and exceptional quality standards. Diana has maintained and enhanced the way her parents served the customers with trust and respect.

This forward-thinking and unwavering commitment has positioned her as one of the top female leaders in the male-dominated insurance industry. Diana has today grown into a pioneering woman leader, holding prestigious positions in numerous boards, allowing her to share her knowledge and learn from her peers.

The total has routinely dominated the marketplace by offering successful insurance producers a unique package of case design and underwriting. They have always been the top agency offering concierge service, armed with the capabilities of going in-depth on each and every case. Through this approach, Diana and her team of experts can efficiently tell a story by presenting the case in the most

detailed manner and raising all the correct questions. “We take every case as if it is the most important case in our queue. We challenge the status quo, and in the end, we provide the best possible offer for our agents and their clients.”

In one instance, one of TFS’s clients had an underperforming policy that was not meeting her future goal of providing the largest possible estate for her children. “Through our research, we found a more effective solution that matched her future goals far better.” On the underwriting side she comments, “Every day I must review clients’ records and decide if for example, a diagnosis made by a doctor matches the results of testing. Many times, they don’t match up, I combine my knowledge and experience with detailed research to improve offers daily.” Being able to underwrite and complete large cases very quickly and knowing how to package the case in the best possible way is one of her most significant achievements. “TFS became an image of me which includes, truth, integrity, knowing how important relationships are, working hard, and going the extra mile for all our agents,” says Diana.

For Diana, being a good listener is the key to be successful. Alongside having explicit knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses and the foresight to understand when to bring other people in, who may add value, is what creates successful companies. “We have to create trusting deep relationships, both on a business level and personal level. She adds, “As a president and CEO – listen to your employees and your partners. Be transparent with them and never be afraid to share honest views. Constructive criticism can help others grow. One should also set goals for the future and make it a point to work with people who will assist you to accomplish those goals.”

Over the years Diana has learned from others, transformed an already successful business and has become one of the top female leaders in a male-dominated industry. Now Diana is in the process of creating a women’s advisor study group, “They’re just are not enough female leaders in our industry and I want to have a forum where the top female minds can share their experiences with each other.” She says, “Our industry is growing; however, we need a group to share experiences and help support each other so that we can all grow and mentor others,” and adds, “We need an environment where women can be comfortable sharing their experiences. Some have had to overcome more challenges than others.”